TMS – Total Maintenance Services

At TMS, we serve our customers with excellence, have safe work practices and continually develop our capabilities and employees to meet your needs, while being good stewards of industry.


Our project engineers cover all the primary industrial disciplines; Civil, Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical and Welding.

Project Management

We assign project managers who are best suited for the type of work associated with a project, large or small. All our project managers are experienced in organizing and managing design specifications, construction organization, compliance requirements, time-line management, safety management and cost control.


One common thread throughout industry is the importance of machinery up-time. One of the corner-stones of Total Maintenance Services’ values is the incorporation of reliability into all of TMS work. Many of our project managers, engineers and superintendents have backgrounds in Reliability Engineering. When installing or maintaining equipment, TMS approaches each task with reliability in mind.

We Know Pulp and Paper

TMS has years of experience in mill maintenance, reliability, engineering and operations leadership rolls. In the past, TMS has performed maintenance on a variety of paper mill machinery including:

  • Recovery boilers
  • Power & package boilers
  • Black liquor evaporators
  • Finishing and sheeting equipment
  • Compressed air systems
  • Water and waste water systems
  • Piping and valves
  • Lineshaft drive equipment
Cold Outage Maintenance

Cold outage maintenance is a large part of the Total Maintenance Services offering. Many customers rely on TMS to install and repair/replace equipment on outage work. This work can vary from one-day machine specific outages to several-week plant cold outages. We will assist with the planning and scheduling, before and during an outage.

Start-up Maintenance

TMS understands the importance of start-up criticality. Being prepared, constant communication, job coordination and reliable maintenance are the keys to helping customers start up on time. Present customers know that TMS focuses on correct maintenance repair procedures, which keeps the equipment running long after the outage.

Emergency Response

Total Maintenance Services also provides emergency response to equipment breakdowns, providing quick mobilization, 24/7.

We provide maintenance in all crafts:
  • Millwright
  • Rigging
  • Pipefitting
  • Electrical
  • Sheet metal design, fabrication and installation
  • Controls
  • Welding in all processes (alloy and R-stamp welding)
Typical Equipment Maintained by TMS include:
  • Pumps, Agitators, Fans of all types
  • Line Machinery, Gear Reducers
  • Electrical Systems / Control Systems
  • All Piping / Valves
  • Rolls
  • Shaft Assemblies
  • Boilers / Heat Exchangers /Turbines
  • Hydraulics and Hydraulic Drives
  • Tank Repairs

By providing all crafts and engineering disciplines, we offer a “one-stop shop” for customer projects, large and small, which in turn, reduces costs, streamlines construction coordination and provides a single point of contact for managing projects. We can provide potential customers with a portfolio of project examples, ranging from simple equipment installations to complete green-field, turn-key plant construction.

Our project managers are dedicated to providing your a comprehensive project solution with the following main concepts:

  • Safety Management 
  • Cost Control/cost improvement strategies 
  • Craft Consolidation 
  • Technical and engineering assistance 
  • Time-line compression 
  • Project updates 
  • On-time or better start-ups 
  • Reliability recommendations